Scaligner is not only a sequence alignment and analysis tool. It also gives to researchers the ability to keep sequences in a long-term, secure database.

Organize sequences

Scaligner enables scientists to organize sequences in lists to preserve the project’s history and to facilitate a comprehensive review of your data. On-demand access to sequence is granted to all the project’s scientists.

Scaligner provides a complete picture for the project and helps to prioritize decisions and coordinate team work. Sequences lists can be easily managed, duplicated, renamed, changed or deleted.

Biological data

When integrated to Biocorpora, Drugdesigntech’s tool for data management, one can also share the biological data associated to each sequence.

Access rights management

When you need to control access to the information, Scaligner enforces access right management to protect your data.

Access to the database requires authentication, and Scaligner can restrict access to specific projects or functionalities to specific users only. User group management and access right review facilitate the management and review of security.