The sequence window gathers all the information available about a sequence.


The introduction consists in the the sequence of the antibody.

The raw sequence is the sequence imported in Scaligner. It might contain a leader sequence, a linker, a tail and so on. It might DNA or protein sequence.

The antibody sequence is the part of the raw sequence from the start to the end of the heavy and light chains.  The raw sequence has therefore been split in one or several chains. Usually the antibody sequence is shown as a protein sequence.

When a raw DNA sequence contains insertions identified during the analysis, the antibody sequence still contains those insertions. It will be presented a DNA sequence because translation into amino acid is not meaningful in case of a frameshift. However, the aligned sequence used in alignments does not contain those insertions and is displayed as a protein sequence.


Humanness scores are represented along with a distribution of scores of human antibodies (in blue) and mouse antibodies (in red) to estimate how human the sequence is.

When integrated with Biocorpora, Drugdesigntech repository for biological data, Scaligner can also handle any type of biological data, from function screening results to invivo study reports.