About Scaligner™

Scaligner’s™ software package brings together advanced analytics tools in a user friendly interface to speed-up automated antibody sequence annotation and increase success in therapeutic antibody discovery.


Speed-up Sequence Analysis

Automatically annotate your sequences to increase efficiency, control business processes, and reduce human error in your research.

Scaligner™ automates amino acid numbering, sequence alignment, germline identification and PTM sites discovery.


Transform data management across teams, increase process efficiency and improve collaboration with intuitive project folder-based organization and a seamlessly integrated shared database with access right management.

Scaligner™ can easily be upgraded anytime to our Biocorpora™ Server Database to generate unique sequence identifiers and manage production batches and biological data produced within your organization.


Extend the functionality of Scaligner™ with our collection of plugins available for NGS analysis including assembly, hotspot mutation and clonotype analysis.

Integrate Scaligner™ with your own existing system using a highly interoperable API.

Upgrade Scaligner™ with custom-developed algorithms tailored to your specific needs.



Annotate Your Sequences

Scaligner™ accelerates your precision antibody discovery

Scaligner™ is a user-friendly, intuitive software platform packed full of automated analysis tools for high-throughput annotations of antibody sequences.

Perform a wide-range of operations within one interface.


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Integrate NGS Data Analysis

Run millions of sequences

Scaligner’s™ powerful cloud computing platform quickly and accurately analyzes NGS data, helping you better understand the diversity and quality of your antibody libraries and immune repertoires. Engineered to intelligently manage and process NGS data, Scaligner™ provides intuitive visualization tools that accelerate identification of therapeutic antibody candidates.


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Streamline Data Management and Storage

Scaligner™ provides easy management of your sequences

Securely archive your sequences including raw data, sample annotation, analysis results and associated metadata in your in-house repository with access right management—all without burdening your IT department with hardware maintenance.

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Services Our Clients Love

User-driven development

We develop and enhance our software based on the feedback we receive from our customer community.

We provide you with an intuitive software that implements what the community needs.

Being user-driven helps us to keep our prices low. We develop only the features you need and you certainly don’t pay for functionalities you don’t use.

We speak your language

We are scientists and IT specialists, we speak your language, and we can help…

As scientists, we understand your science and why it matters; as software developers and computer scientists we can bring your ideas to life. We focus on practical approaches that leverage IT in ways that are effective in a scientific research environment.

Cloud data warehousing

The Cloud data warehouse is a perfect solution for start-up enterprises, research groups and internal projects, providing industry-grade software at affordable costs.

It features the same modules as the on-site installation: sequence annotation, NGS analysis and data management with secure access from any web browser window.

Custom integration of our tools into your pipeline

You have a privileged direct access to our development team. We adjust existing functionalities or add new functionalities that will help you to solve your problems.


Scaligner is designed for you to manage your data with state-of-the art products and dedicated services at surprisingly affordable costs from the beginning of your project.

Excellent support

We regard proximity and responsiveness as essential! Our support team is therefore always available to keep your software running smoothly and to provide fast and efficient technical support.

Advanced – Secure – Success

Scaligner™ helps you to focus on your research.

Scaligner™ brings together advanced analytics tools in a user friendly interface to improve accuracy and increase success in therapeutic antibody discovery.

Spend more time focusing on research and less time setting up sequence analysis software.


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Let’s Create Amazing Tools Together

Built in collaboration with leading industry partners since 2009, Scaligner™ has proven to accelerate sequence analysis to support decision-making and to improve R&D productivity. We collaborate on antibody sequence analysis with academic investigators and private companies around the globe to bring Scaligner™ and your research to the next level. Join us as partner and get in touch with us!


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